Arrowhead Lake Community Association

The History of Arrowhead Lake

Arrowhead Lake Community Association has a lengthy and wonderful history, beginning with the ice business, and continuing with the Community you know and love today. How did we get here?

After the Wilkes-Barre and Eastern Branch of the New York, Susquehanna, and Western Railway was completed in the late 1800’s, our area really began to thrive. The railroad was parallel to the old Route 940. Enterprising mountain men had the idea to harvest ice from man-made lakes during the cold months. They created the lakes by clearing the land and damming streams. This is how Arrowhead Lake, Brady’s Lake, Pocono Lake, and Lake Naomi came to be.

As lucrative as the ice business was, it was short-lived. When domestic electric refrigerators became more widely available, ice delivery was no longer needed. Robbins Door & Sash Company acquired Arrowhead Lake years later. The company constructed the Lodge to entertain business guests.

In November 1963, All-American Realty Company purchased Arrowhead Lake and they put 1250 acres and Sections 1-7 on the market for purchase. At this time, the only amenities available were two tennis courts at the Lodge, Beaches 1 & 2 and a small ski slope with a rope ski-tow. Some of the early homeowners developed differences of opinion with the Management of the All-American Realty Company. On the Sunday preceding Memorial Day in 1967, these Homeowners called a meeting at Beach 2. As a result of this meeting, Arrowhead Lake Community Association was formed; Nick Yacur was elected as the President.

The Association began to inform the realty company of all the areas that needed improvements. At that time, all Property Owners were automatically Members of the Arrowhead Lake Country Club, Inc. To help maintain the Association, the Members of the Country Club were charged dues.

In 1968, Arrowhead Lake became legally incorporated. This confirmed Arrowhead Lake Community Association was a legitimate & legal representative of the property owners.

The bylaws stating the Community Association’s purpose:

“… to promote the interest of its Members in social and recreational facilities, roads, lakes, premises, and activities, in and about the premises of Arrowhead Lake, Monroe County, PA, and to act as liaison among its Members, and between its Members and other public and private organizations…”

The year 1969 proved to be momentous for Arrowhead Lake Community Association. The Clubhouse, the bridge over Trout Creek, and the east end of the Main Lake (including Beach 3) were completed. The first edition of the Smoke Signals was published and continues to this day. Arrowhead Lake hosted their first New Year’s Eve party to welcome the new decade. The year 1970 also proved to be an exciting year for Arrowhead. The North Lake was finished, sections 8-12 were opened for sale, and the Island Pool was completed.

Arrowhead Lake has had an extensive and fascinating history. We continue improving this Community because, as we say, ‘Life is good on the Lake.’