Arrowhead Lake Community Association

ALCA Aquatics

     Choctaw and Island Pools will be open full time for the duration of the Summer with the following capacities: Choctaw 60 and Island 80. These capacities are in line with governmental guidelines of no more than 90 persons in an activity zone, which is the fenced in pool area. These capacities were developed with this guideline, along with the necessary allowance of 36sq ft/person for social distancing requirements. We subtracted a number of persons from the capacity to allow for staff requirements, which count against the facility capacity according to guidelines.

  • Families may sign-up for a 90 minute slot, only one per day/per address. (Max of 15 individuals)
  • Each pool has a specified capacity per time slot. 
  • Children under 3 years of age do not need to be registered and children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Reservation confirmation or photo identification must be shown, along with current 2019/2020 Membership Identification to gain entrance. 
  • Swim sessions will be for active swimming, not sunbathing or lounging. However, parents can be present to sit with children not swimming.
  • There will be no food allowed in the facility as per state guidelines. There will be no toys/balls allowed in the facility.
  • There will be no tables or chairs available at the facility. Please bring your own.
  • At the end of each time slot, everyone must leave the pool area. The pool and the bathhouse will be closed for cleaning. After cleaning, the next group will be admitted for their swim session. 
  • Face masks will be recommended to be worn while not in the water. 

Depending on how well this works, we will re-evaluate and some restrictions may be relaxed as we progress in the “green”  phase. Restrictions will be relaxed, but not completely eliminated, depending on official guidance

Home of the Rapid Arrows Swim Team

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Swim Team season is cancelled.