Arrowhead Lake Community Association

Current Community Projects

Current DPW Projects

  1. Replacing Treadmills at Lodge
  2. Boat Rack Improvements
  3. Working on SDS/MDS for DPW/Community
  4. Daily garbage pickup and cleaning of amenities 
  5. Painting of hallways at Lodge
  6. Cleaning/organizing both DPW shop
  7. Working on Off-site Rental Office

DPW Road Projects

  1. Choctaw Coldpatch
  2. North Arrow Coldpatch
  3. Kinta Circle Potholes
  4. Trout Creek Coldpatch
  5. Lake Shore Coldpatch
  6. Arrowhead Coldpatch
  7. Outer Potholes
  8. Pontiac Potholes
  9. Minisink Potholes
  10. Moshannon Potholes
  11. Tar and Chip Roads (weather dependent):  Arrowhead Drive from Owassa to Owassa; Maxatawny from Tenicum to Choctaw; Choctaw from Maxatawny to Maxatawny; Maxatawny from Moshannon to Choctaw; and Owassa from Arrowhead (first) to Outer. 
  12. Pothole operations will start on Orono to continue to where it transitions to dirt. Then our focus will shift to Lehigh and Paxinos.