Arrowhead Lake Community Association

Lakes, Fishing & Boating at Arrowhead

Arrowhead Lakes

Our community’s greatest resources are our lakes.  North Arrowhead Lake is 86 acres while Arrowhead Lake is 235 acres. Arrowhead, through the work of the Anglers, strives to maintain the fish balance in the lakes: Bass, Walleye, Perch, Panfish, Pickerel and bait fish.  Additionally, we stock trout for the Spring season. Useful information on our lakes:

·         Arrowhead Lake Bathymetric Map
·         North Lake Bathymetric Map
·         Arrowhead Lake Fish Study (2021, 2018, 2015, 2012)
·         North Lake Fish Study (2021, 2018, 2015, 2012)
·         Arrowhead Lake Fish Species

Lake Fish & Boating Rules

While Arrowhead Lakes is a private community, in the Commonwealth of PA all lakes must follow the PA Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) regulations.  Here is the key information for your safe and legal use of our lakes.

·         Lake, Boating & Fishing Rules (ALCA) 
·         Life Jacket Requirements
·         PA Fishing License Basics
·         2024 PA Fishing Summary
·         2024 PA Boating Regulations
·         Some Specific Arrowhead Lake Rules (See Rules & Regulations Article X & XI)
          – Electric motor use only
Gas motor must be raised out of water and no gas onboard
          – No wake speed


Maintaining the health of our lakes
Every individual can play an important role in the current and future health of our lakes!  Here are some ways to help.

·         Please Release all Bass under 20” as these are the breeders of future fish.
·         Crush the Barbs/Use Barbless Hooks
·         Practice Catch – Photo – Release
·         Safely Release Fish Caught
·         Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers/Clean your Gear
·         Notify us of Invasive Weeds or Harmful Algal Blooms
·         Destroy all CARP! 
   – They are invasive and harmful to the balance of the lakes.
·         Do NOT:
   – Release bait into the lake (minnows, worms, crayfish, etc.)
             Release other fish into lakes:
                 • Fish caught in other waters in the lake.  This can bring diseases to our lakes.
                 • Fish from aquariums or other sources. 


annual youth fishing derby
The Arrowhead Anglers hold an annual Youth Fishing Derby for children aged 6-13. This year’s two-day event will be held on July 20-21, 2024. The first day, Saturday, features hands-on educational stations and lake stocking. Then on Sunday morning, the fishing contest is held with awards for various catches, lunch and a gift for every participant. Youth need to be accompanied by an adult and attend both days to be eligible for prizes and awards.

To learn more about the derby, click HERE to view this year’s flyer or see the article featured in the Smoke Signals publication from the 2023 event. If you want to donate your time or a prize, please email i[email protected].

Please share your questions or catches with fellow Arrowhead Anglers via Arrowhead Lake Reel Anglers – Who C.A.R.E and Share.

Each year we stock our lakes with fish in March. This is an event that draws people of all ages to assist us in putting the fish from the hatchery into the lake.