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Renting Your Home in Arrowhead Lake

Arrowhead Lake is a private, gated community managed by Arrowhead Lake Community Association (ALCA). All rental homes within Arrowhead Lake are responsible for compliance with all applicable Township, County and State regulations governing rentals. Effective January 1, 2023, all Short-Term Rental (STR) properties must comply with the ALCA Short-Term Rental Policy in addition to local ordinances. An STR permit is required by your respective Township and Arrowhead Lake.

ALCA Short-Term Rental Permit

A permit is required from Arrowhead Lake Community Association in order to rent your home. Permits are not refundable or transferable to any new owner of the property. A separate permit is required for each rental property. Please refer to the entire STR Policy for permit details.

A copy of a valid STR permit from either Tobyhanna or Coolbaugh Township is required to be uploaded within the ALCA STR Permit form. Payment is required at the time of submission.

Short-Term Rental Registrations

Renting homeowners must be a Member in Good Standing in order to rent their home. Owners/Agents must register each rental stay with ALCA. Rental standards are listed in the STR policy. The “STR Rental Registration” form, located at the bottom of this page, must be accessed through the ALCA website. This registration form will require all pertinent details for each rental including owner/agent contact information, length of stay, number of occupants age 6 and over, total number of occupants, number of vehicles, all vehicle information and guest information, if applicable. It is the owner/agent’s responsibility to make all payments at the time of registration. Homeowners or their designated agent/property manager are responsible for completing the STR Registration Form, this includes payment. Homeowners are responsible for providing the correct information and registration of their renters/guests. 

If an agent/property manager is being utilized, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to inform them of all applicable rules, regulations, policies and the full rental registration process. All temporary members, including guests of a renter, must be registered and paid for not less than three days prior to arrival. All rental stays are charged a non-refundable Transaction/Administration Fee. 

This registration form will NOT accept any registrations less than three (3) days prior to the arrival date. 

Short-Term Rental Fees Overview

It is the owner/agent’s responsibility to make all payments at the time of registration. All rental stays are charged a non-refundable Administration Fee. 

Fees are not based on available amenities or usage of amenities.

If owner’s will be seeking reimbursement for any fees from renters, we highly recommend that these fees be included in your advertising/marketing of your property, in addition to an accurate representation of available community amenities.

Short-Term Rental Fee Schedule

Changes to Existing Registrations

Any changes to any aspect of the rental registration must be made not less than 3-days prior to the arrival date. An “Add-On/Change” link will be included in the email confirmation you receive from the initial rental registration. This link will allow you to:

  • Increase the number of occupants (age 6 and up) staying the full duration of the rental
  • Add a vehicle – staying the full duration
  • Add a guest/guest vehicle – these are not staying full duration
  • Swap vehicle information (No Charge)
  • NEW – For guest(s) of renters (not staying full duration) and arriving to ALCA without a vehicle, use the “Add Guest – No Vehicle” add-on option. This should only be used for people arriving in rideshare services like Uber where they will not have a vehicle in the community AND not staying the entire length of the rental.

If you need to change arrival and/or departure dates, you must cancel your initial registration and re-register. This is because fees are calculated based on number of days/nights. 

Changes still cannot be made less than 3-days prior to arrival. If a renter will have guests during their stay, all guests must be registered. Guests of a renter are considered temporary members and temporary membership and vehicle gate card fees apply.

If you need to decrease the number of occupants, vehicles, or guest vehicles, please contact Rental Services. These changes need to be made not less than 3-days prior to arrival for a refund to be issued.

Please make every effort to have accurate and complete information at the time of registration. Doing so means less time on your end submitting “Add-On” forms and multiple payments per rental registrations.

Cancellations to Existing Registrations

If you need to cancel an already submitted registration, please use the “Cancel Renter Registration” link in the email notification you received when you initially submitted the registration.

You can cancel your registration at any time prior to arrival, however, only cancellations submitted not less than three (3) days prior to arrival will be eligible for a refund. Only Temporary Membership fees and Vehicle Gate Card fees are refundable. 

Short-Term Rental Fee Refund Policy

Effective 5/15/2021

Temporary Membership fees and Vehicle Gate Card fees are only refundable if the owner/agent of cancels the rental registration with ALCA not less than three (3) days prior to arrival. The Administration/Transaction Fee is non-refundable regardless of a cancelled rental registration. Once approved, refunds will be returned to the credit card used for original payment.