Arrowhead Lake Community Association

Renters Staying at Arrowhead Lake

Rental Fees

Arrowhead Lake is a private, gated community. Temporary membership fees are mandatory and assessed to all rental parties. These fees are not based on amenities and must be paid prior to arrival.
  • In Season/Summer Season (May 15 - Sept. 15): $8 per person per day, $40 a week, $100 per month (1-6 months)
  • Off Season/Winter Season (Sept 16 - May 14): $5 per person per day (Effective Aug. 1)
  • Annual: $240 (6-12 month lease required)
  • Vehicle Gate Card Fee: $15 per vehicle (Effective Aug. 1)
  • Transaction Fee: $20
    $10 for registration and payment made 5 or more days prior to arrival.
  • Late Processing Fee: $25 for payment received less than 3 days prior to arrival.

Arrowhead Lake is a private, gated community. Fees apply for renters while staying in the community. 

  • Temporary Membership fees and Vehicle Gate Card Fees must be paid for prior to arrival!
  • Temporary Membership fees are not based on amenities or amenity usage. Temporary Membership provides access to all amenities, common areas and community infrastructure. 
    Main Gate – 961 Arrowhead Drive, Pocono Lake, PA 18347
  • All vehicles must come to the Welcome Center at the Main Gate to receive their vehicle gate card. Gate cards are non-transferrable and coded to specific vehicles. Citations will be issued for misuse. 
  • Temporary Membership ID/wristbands are given to the first arriving vehicle in the rental party.
  • Rental Services Phone Number: 570-646-1771, prompt 3 then 1
  •  All renters and guests of renters are to abide by Arrowhead Lake Rules & Regulations including quiet hours, speed limits, properly disposing of trash at the Trash Center, no fireworks, no pets in common areas, and wearing Temporary Membership ID/wristbands for those 12 and up.
  • Please become familiar with our Rules & Regulations Synopsis. The full Rules & Regulations document is available upon request.
  • Guests of Renters: All applicable fees apply to guests of renters. Guests are only permitted with the permission of the homeowner/agent.
  • Renter FAQ: Your renting homeowner/agent is the best resource for answers to your questions pertaining to the house you are renting. 
  • Things to do in the Poconos: There is something always going on inside and outside of ALCA! The best place to find what’s happening inside the community is to check out the Events Calendar on our website. You can also get the most up to date information on our Facebook and Twitter. Check out our nearby attractions for activities and events in the Poconos.