Arrowhead Lake Community Association


As we announced in the March 6, 2021 Board Meeting, Arrowhead Lake Community Association is embarking on one of the most significant projects in its history.  We are committed to restating our outdated, and ineffective Declaration of Covenants, Easements and Restrictions (the “Declaration”).  Today, there are five, very similar, versions of these documents in use, each applying to different properties.  All of them are incapable of providing a basis for governing ALCA in today’s world.  These Declarations were created by the early developers of Arrowhead and were biased to provide them advantages.

As stated in the Board Meeting, we are recruiting Members who have an interest in helping with this effort.  We are forming a Declaration Restatement Committee (“Restatement Committee”) comprised of five to seven Members, a representative Director, and our General Manager or their designee.  The committee will be run by the Members and will report to the Board.  If not selected for the committee itself, you can participate as a guest at committee meetings and will be given an opportunity to contribute your thoughts as part of the process.

We are asking interested Members to submit a note to the Board indicating why you wish to be on the Restatement Committee. The note should highlight your skills and experiences which can help this initiative.

This is not an easy assignment.  We anticipate that committee members should be willing to devote two hours every other week to participate in committee meetings (via Zoom or in person) and have sufficient time to dedicate an average of 2-3 hours a week outside of the meeting to prepare for meetings.  In the Restatement Committee kick-off meeting, committee members will select a Chair and a Secretary.  These are two very important and demanding positions.  The Chair must be a good communicator, consensus builder, and prepare an agenda ensuring that the meeting is run productively.  The Secretary will prepare and publish minutes of each meeting and distribute materials in advance of each bi-weekly meeting.  The Secretary needs to have skills with Microsoft Word and the ability to capture notes while participating in the meeting itself.

The Board of Directors looks forward to receiving and reviewing Member submissions for this important initiative.  Please submit your note in writing to Member Services or by email to: